1043 Hours

Monday, February 27, 2006 10:43 AM

what is up with normal people these days?
are people breathing in fucked up air or what?
my dad is being mean to me at home.... for whatever reason i may not know unless i leave.
and the whole unity of mankind is breaking.
what hopes have we got for the future when we are finally all grown up?
questions questions... with no answers.
why the fuck can't we all just live together in peace. this fucking earth doesn't only belong to the white men... it belongs to EVERYONE...so why do they make all the rules that we gotta obey?
i'm not being a fucking racist because i sure am not one. but this whole prejudice against some part of humanity is just so fucked up!!!
like seriously screwed!
it all triggered when the whole religeous dilemma with the dissing of other people's religion?
good grief!
this isn't the middle ages where a long long time ago prophets and messangers of God fought to spread their religion and stuff like that... this is an act of ignorance!!!!!
if GOD would seperate those who are ignorant in this world, there would not be anyone on this earth...
FUCK it! why don't you bloody people just leave your personal issues aside and don't fucking interfere with anything sensitive... including religion. you don't see us potraying YOUR god... so why must you????


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