1955 hours

Friday, February 3, 2006 7:54 PM

here i am with another blog to fill in the empty void that has been making me go all haywire. the first pathetic entry that would finally help me fall asleep at the right time again. i'm beat. with nothing much to say, i ran out of options of things to do. reading used to be my saviour. my only rock that's keeping me from being like those other people who rather cuts themselves when things get bad. with my dysfunctionalities, i am always stuck. stuck to the extent of no return. what the fuck is wrong? hell, if i knew the answer i won't be doing this. typing away... i'm wasted. are my calculations of my future wrong? what mistakes have i done to deserve the cruel torture of facing all this shit on my own. hard enough nobody sticks around much. with limited solutions to help, i am trapped with words of wisdoms by those who actually cares enough to listen. i think i must have miscalculated. i am not even capable to control my life's basic outcome. am i screwed for the rest of my life??


it takes time
to piece things together
but what if
it's not meant
to be fixed
perhaps it's better off
a piece of glass
but then
i bleed whenever i trace
my fingers on the edges
this i prefer
i would touch
every surface
every edge of what had been
to relive
that moment
once again
without you
but with the pieces
that was once


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