2056 Hours

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 8:55 PM

today didn't go as bad as expected. i dragged myself out of the house to go watch a movie at klcc (i didn't walk around like a stupid idiot this time!). i went there with a purpose and actually stuck to my plan which was to catch a movie and buy lunch. anyway i left home by 10.30 after making a few calls just so people would know where i would be.

alrighty to make this quick:
went to catch final destination 3.... movie was good but damn freaky!!!!!!!!!! GORY! GROSS!!!!! INSANE!!! VIOLENT!!! should have watched it with steffi! hahahahahha

still no chaud dudes...

not that i was looking... (yeah right!)

hmmmm... i'll never eat kfc again.... i felt sick afterwards

i chased cats all day!

plus i clashed with the ooo's from the kampooong school... bloody retards! ugly piece of shit! GO DIE!

that's it...
gonna watch casanova tmw!


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