2021 Hours

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 8:19 PM

Third week of college and my complaints are getting lesser and lesser. A good thing though since i was a bitter hard pill for during the first week. Friends are okay. I guess the previous entry was a way to vent out everything that was on a negative side. i was pms-ing. what can you expect from a hormanial challenged 17 year old. things are better. i'm begining to let myself out little by little each day. i had to admit i wasn't myself the few days before. a little toned down since i had no one to talk to about real shit. real shit meaning the deep stuff. well i still don't ramble to my friends about past relationships and yada yada yada... at least not yet...

end of week to has led to my new fix. no it's not chocolate or coffee... ciggs are probably my new best friend at the time of need. no, i'm not an addict. merely a user and an abuser. i smoke my problems away... in this case a lack of problems. sigh... smoking=bad... i know... i swear i'll never be a chain... it's been less than 10 sticks in 5 days... not bad right? =)

i realized that people who caught my eye on orientation day became my friends... haha. yesterday we were talking about our first day of college... i should say things were rather interesting... hehehe... hmmm... although, one KL, blonde haired hottie... =) smiles all the way baby!!!


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