Friday, January 4, 2008 1:26 AM

so what if it's 2008??? BIG DEAL!
sorry for being such a bitter pill.
new year started off in a bit of a glitch for me.
sucky music makes me angry. raging mad.
steffi said i looked like i could kill someone just by looking at them on new years eve.
oh just so you know, i was at Mid Valley for the Midzone rave.
nothing much to rave about cause i was pissed and almost in tears on that day.
lets face it, hip-hop and ultimate kepoyo-an fills me up with utter disgust and rage.
and i'm so sorry to my friends who are involved in this particular scene

so anyway, forgive me for my rudeness.
welcome to my new blog!
there's no valid reason for me to change it to THIS.
but due to a few problems i have decided to shift my next life into this one.
my other baby is now all grown up. filled with me in those awkward teenage years which sadly is filled with angst and monkey love which i am so embarrassed to even read it out now.
i'll still keep the site. for old times sake.

updates on ME:

i just came home from another round of BB Plaza and Sungei Wang. this time with the girls. RedheadChibs and Nicola-la-la-la-la (lets burst into a song shall we?).
i took them to my current favorite shopping spots. especially the one at BB Plaza. loads of emo punk alternative clothing. a heaven for me. they have those really vintage feel to the items and i absolutely love them all.
lets call it T-Shirt Haven.
spent quite sometime there. flipping through the tight racks of clothes. by tight i meant we had to use our arms to literally push through the tshirts just to take a look at them cause there were LOADS on the rack.
so anyway i didn't buy anything cause nothing seemed to appeal to me at that time. maybe because of... (we shall talk about that later)
so anyway i took the girls to this place called Gasoline up at the Rooftop shopping spot. it's a really funky restaurant and really affordable too. we sat inside on the floor and had our our little section.
we even tried to compete with the neighboring customers by laughing even louder. well at least RedheadChibs got over excited and could have chocked on her eggs.
after that we continued browsing the floor. the girls started getting all crazy and bought stuff. especially nicola-la-la-la. still i found nothing.

so anyway went back after empty handed. in a way i feel kind of relieved cause i need to save up.
okay it's raining elephants and hyenas outside.
and i don't want this laptop to explode to my face.


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