Thursday, October 23, 2008 5:57 PM

Enter the Neon Plastix. Beautiful sweet rocking sounds hailing from Donchester UK. So this first music review is harder than imagined. But don't fret, I just fiddled with the itunes and ultimately picked Prick Tease by who else but the Neon Plastix to get into the mood of writing this piece :) Closing my eyes i'm tasting stale cotton candy, spilling green Slurpee on my yellow skinnies while moving my legs so fast i swear i'm getting blisters under my beat-up Chuck Taylors.
Explaining music with words is like telling someone how a person smells like. too bleeding subjective. if i could paint a picture i'll include lots of sick colors (NEON, NEON NEON!!!), jagged edges, symmetrical and asymmetrical lines.... sunglasses to NOT block off the sun and other random items you never could throw away after reaching puberty. I say dance your heart out listening to the Neon Plastix. dance dance dance.

If you enjoy those drunken Friday nights with random strangers grinding to Dead Disco or Franz Ferdinand at Twilight Actiongirl, i swear you would want to kidnap that nextdoor neighbor so you could spoil him rotten! i say man, with a name like Neon Plastix, how can you NOT get attracted??? raving mad if you are not i tell you! one of those rare "love at first sound" moments... you'll hear about those in other posts to come. cheerios xx


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