Thursday, October 23, 2008 10:19 PM

i was on my way home the other day from a tired day at college (fine, i'll spare you the details...) but i was listening to my iPod (had the entire Razzmatazz playlist) and got me thinking.... and i think it's so brilliant that how come nobody dared to pull something like this before??? do you know what is so so awesome right now???????

yes, in the LRT!!!! okay okay i know what you are thinking... "what the hell???"
imagine this, a group of your closest friends and friends of friends meet at one secret station which will only be specified on the day of the party itself. and then after the entire LRT service shuts down, it's when the train will pick up these pessengers from the location and we party party PARTYYYY!!

the train will move slower than usual as we obviously are in no rush to head anywhere... (maybe to the moon) and the train will just go round and round until the party ends (which happens to be when the service has to be started up again in the early morning).
DJ console in the middle, BYOB, party people and we'll have an awesome night!!
and since it's at night, imagine the beautiful KL scene flashing before your eyes... wow!

oh and portable toilets and puking bags will be provided :)
and those with pole-dancing capabilities can put on a show... (i can name a few ;) )
this is so totally awesome... someone should know people in VERY high places so that this can be pulled off without anyone being put behind bars or stripped naked by JAWI/JAKIM/JAIS-whatever! WOW-WOW-WHEEE!!

so if anyone of YOU decide to throw this party... COUNT ME IN!!!


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