Friday, November 14, 2008 10:02 PM


the best thing to come out of Australia after Kylie Minogue. 3 superior bands with bad behavior. place all 3 in your playlist and you've got yourself a party to last you the whole weekend. The Presets' lead vocalist reminds me of She Wants Revenge. the haunting voice but with electroclash as the background. i remembered Googling the band after an MIND-BLOWING/AWESOME night tripping in front of Channel V. apparently they play better-than-sex music late at night. so there i was watching the video of My People by The Presets. the video will totally fuck your brain up. you know how electronic music videos are like??? its the most random concoction anyone can ever think of. they must be on some really good drugs.
the band is a combination of 80s' beats, huge boomboxes, Oakleys Frog Skins and lots and lots of screwdrivers!

here's the mind blowing video of My People. just a gentle reminder in case you are indeed tripping, the people are indeed duplicating.

i thought of Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut (the guy who looked like a giant erected penis in X-man United) when i first came across Midnight Juggernauts (late night erection? hahaha!) excuse the attempt of the tres lame joke there. Midnight Juggernauts is tagged as electro synth rock (whateverthatmeans!). some parts reminds me of Mika and Bloc Party and maybe a bit of the Postal Service. i love it when i find music that cannot be described. makes it frustrating and awesome at the same time.

the middle guy reminds me of Russel Brand

Into the Galaxy by Midnight Juggernauts

Finally we have Cut Copy! oh yes yes yes!!! their album is titled Bright Like Neon Love!! NEON LOVE INDEED!!
Not sick of 80's electronic music? gooooood! cause i reckon you were born in the 80s' like how i did!!!!! so the Bright Like Neon Love album came out in 2004 and the band have released In Ghost Colors but i love the earlier album more. the new one sounds like too Hugh-Grant-in-Music-and-Lyrics-ish. its still good but a little to oldies for my liking.
here's my favourite song from NEON LOVE <3

okay Neonettes... i'm beat.
it's Friday night. which calls for another alcohol, sweat and electronic music infused night!



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