Wednesday, November 19, 2008 10:09 AM

is it wrong for me to prefer international music as compared to the local ones from here? its basically a rhetorical question people! i would LOVE to discover bands from around here. sadly i hardly go for gigs. well "hardly" is not the word for it. more like "never". don't judge me okay!
its not that i have anything against the local artists here... goddammit, its safe to say 20% of my friends are in bands. and maybe 5% of them are making it big.
so i don't discriminate against local artists per say.
maybe i am one of those people who depends on last.fm to feed me my music education.
and the most important fact that i don't watch tv nor do i listen to the radio...
and i pay more attention to what type of music is playing at clubs (electroclash, indie rock!!!) rather than paying attention on whats going on at Laundry, Cloth&Clef, Attic...
i stopped reading Junk since my mom hardly brings them back anymore (she gets them for free) and that i can't be fucked to spend just- izit $5 bucks?- on my own copy every month but spend $50 on Nylon and Dazed & Confused religiously each and every month.
(i buy those 2 magazines because their pictures are pretty to cut out for my moodboards for school)

i DO suck.
in this case Ignorance is NOT bliss. because i am losing out!
someone educate me please?


toosan said...

well music, its as misunderstood as art. Haha i didn't know you have a blog! Update la! Jon here btw.

joegrimjow said...

dun put the music as ur priority. mi reckon ur life will gonna b ok without music. gig, band n kinda stuf juz as platform to mingle wit frens. (gosh, wat im talking abot??)

btw, i fancy instrumental music, ani stuf n i fink it can make mi happy, juz go ahead.kinda hav big passion on it. may b u can try

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