Friday, September 18, 2009 6:11 PM

i miss the conventional way we communicate. and i mean writing letters and actually picking up a phone with a cord to talk for hours. email, text messages and loud speaker tak main. i remembered sweating on the floor talking for hours at a time and having my ears solid red the entire day or how i'll frown at the fact that its thundering outside & cannot make calls unless i want to die by the said phone after a lightning strike. and then there was those colorful stationary sets with paper, pen and envelopes i used to buy. i always end up posting them to the same person and receiving a different set of letters from another. and how i need to pull out a chair to climb, so i could reach the drawer of stamps in my parents' bedroom and that i loved licking the back of the stamps because they tasted sweet. now the thought i writing a one page letter yet alone a long sentence tires me and i can imagine my fingers swelling up due to the fact that my pen holding position has changed throughout the years. i no longer have pretty handwriting but ugly scribbly ones.


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