my weekend starts today

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 5:25 PM

super free :)

well sorta...

i changed my banner. lawa tak?


i feel completely erratic right now. i keep deleting lines just because the sentence constructed sounds a bit messed up. and i'm feeling restless. oh i wish it was easier sleeping. but the act of actually trying to sleep is tiring me so i gave up to design & blog instead. my tummy is hurting. it felt the same way last evening around the exact same time. is there such a thing as a timed tummy ache? i doubt it. must be my sudden cravings at college just now. i had a fried chicken drumstick, begedil (potato patty), fried doughnut with white sugar icing and 2 fried crab sticks. everything is so greasy that i am literally producing oil on my face. i don't have the appetite to eat dinner now. oh help me god!


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