the point of a bandage skirt

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 10:18 AM

... is to hold your flabby fats together in a compact area thus limiting your growth speed when consuming fattening food. it squeezes the ass and tummy area to halt expansion of said area. However so, if the material is made out of Lycra & Spendex, it surely defeats the purpose because you will still look like a fat grey elephant in a bright neon yellow bandage skirt.

... unless of course like me, you have accepted the elepholution of your size, then please walk in said bandage skirt with confidence & don't forget to squeeze your ass in & suck in the tummy just in case you decide to wear a fitted top. but because i am embracing my elepholution in full throttle, i opted for a loose t-shirt & a tuxedo jacket to hide unwanted muffin tops. what ever works for you.


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