infinite profanities

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:36 AM

the reason why i have this heartless look on my face right now is so that i would not feel like killing you when you sleep. thus why i look away & seriously don't give a fuck because deep down i know you're having a rough time. and i am already too malas to bother arguing & defending myself because at the end of the day, i'll only get harsh words thrown back at me. i'm tired of being called degrading names which i believe you should never say. if i can, i would tell you to fuck off & i would storm out dramatically. the fact that i don't drive nor do i have enough money to move out means i got to live with this shit a bit more. i don't care if you wanna lecture me but the unkind words are just fucking unnecessary. situations like this make me wish that i was dead & seeing you regretting everything. and that would probably make me feel peaceful. damn even my soul is violent as hell. a million more nasty thoughts i have in my head which i shall keep.

trying to sleep while feeling angry is like forcing yourself to eat after you get a leg shot off by a shotgun.


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