Friday, November 13, 2009 2:47 AM

tonight's night out was a waste of an awesome outfit & make up. not that i bothered much with face cake but i opened a new pack of daily contacts just for the night only to be welcomed with scratchy music and a dead crowd. seeing the same faces isn't as bad but damn i really liked what i wore tonight! fuck it i'm recycling and YOU cannot judge me...

went shopping with the mr-ooooh-H3 today. shopping on his part basically because at the end of the night he lost his appetite knowing he just splurged on a million things. this is so fascinating. never had i seen a boy shop THAT much in 40 minutes in my entire life! maybe Aizat did but not to the extend like today! i am like that red little satan on the shoulder going "yes, that's nice... GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!"

our late night conversations to wrap up the day tonight was sort of a revelation. we realized how we are now super comfortable with the way things are and how we cannot ever imagine being involved with anyone who might get in the way of the current awesome dynamics. which is true. imagine the drama and implications of each other's significant other might bring? no more random pick ups, late night conversations, aimless shopping sprees. whoa... super depressing can die one! yesterday someone asked me how we all came to be and ohmygad can you believe that this all started less than a year ago. and it all happened by chance. but then again this sort of thing happens only once. well i believe so because nothing this awesome can happen to anybody twice right? but either way i fucking love this foul-mouth, tit grabber, music freak, road rage, ladies man, shoe slut of a bestie. despite not admitting that he can make an awesome vampire with his charm on the ladies. oh and he bites too. so what are you waiting for? ;)

harith, i love you and i will stab a million eye balls for you to fill up that jar. peace & love, wigga!


i'm craving for a chocolate fudge sundae.


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