fake crab sticks

Thursday, November 19, 2009 11:58 AM

so last night i skipped dinner. so this morning i thought feasting on something good. looking at the kitchen & utensils i would have to clean, i just had to make do with whatever was easily cooked in the microwave instead.
i found crab sticks in the freezer.

dumped 6 in a bowl of water & watched it spin in the microwave for a couple of minutes.
while waiting, i decided to eat bread with butter dipped in chili olive oil & balsamic vinegar. that tasted good by the way until half way through my second slice of bread, i felt sick of butter & balsamic that i swore i could spew oil out of my nose.

crab sticks was ready. a bit too soggy for my liking but whatever. poured a bit of ketchup and started dipping. om nom nom nom! then after my 3rd stick i got sick of it and realized that crabs tastes nothing like this but decided to eat everything anyway for why should i waste the effort made to duplicate the taste of actual crabs?

i did not have a good meal at all. i would order in or walk out to buy something but having only 75cents in my wallet is stopping me to do so.


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