Friday, November 6, 2009 3:04 AM

right now elizabeth wurtzel's words are playing in my head. just like the play i did back then with Mel for duet acting. the lines are being repeated over and over. i can imagine the torment she must have felt having a demon within herself telling her things she does not need to hear. how nothing is ever good enough or how fucking alone she is. i'm imagining myself sitting in a room with white walls. no furniture. no windows. just a metal chair. and my mind encircling me; screaming out harsh words of reality in my already closed ears.
i remembered at one point Elizabeth noted how the world was against her. how everyone she loves does not really love her. maybe its not like that. or is it?

maybe i'm just fucking out of it because a thousand miles away someone else is feeling it too. love knows no barriers afterall. (tonight made me realize how much i fucking miss you like fuck.)


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