run run run away

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 12:04 PM

just got my ears & mind on The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' album It's Blitz!
and already its safe to say its one of the best ever made by them maybe because it is darker & knowing me i have somewhat this sick obsession with anything macabre and dark. my violent thoughts and dreams relates to this sort of music making this my bedtime anthem from now on. an eccentric feel of emotions entwined with an adrenaline rush would be how i would describe this album.

running away in the dark inside an empty mall with flickering ceiling lights. nothing chasing you or maybe you're chasing? infinite windows, doors, old elevators taking you nowhere. old man waiting at the end of the hall almost skeletal. suddenly a little girl is holding your hand. you promise to keep her safe. you run and run until you reach a dead end. a man points a gun at you. bang! bang! *silence*


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