what has been up

Monday, November 30, 2009 10:49 PM

i've been anxious about work.
guilty about not feeling a tad bit motivated to do my assignments.
lost my tongue & brain in proper writing.
been procrastinating a lot.
curling up in bed.
sick & husky for the past month already.
wisdom teeth is giving me headaches.
seeing the normality less and less.
upgraded my status; looks like i'm joining hell too.
looking at myself in the mirror, i no longer recognize who i see anymore.
& i no longer like to talk because apparently i am now mute.
i feel like exploding into a million pieces.
last i've checked, this is not stress.
i am at the brink of a mild depression.
after all the money spent of books by Block, Wurtzel & Plath, i think i'm getting the bigger picture.
plus having a momentary background in psychology does not help either.
isn't hard NOT trying to analyze yourself?
after sometime, i was sure that i was about to lose my mind.
maybe i will eventually.


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