why so awesome?!

Monday, November 16, 2009 11:52 PM

artwork by Yue Minjun

the laughing chinese boy. shut up please? you're making me blush :)


audiobooks are the shit right now. well they were the shit back then and they are making comeback in my DJ Lovechild. just a nasty habit i have which is downloading audiobooks of actual paperbacks i own just because i cannot be bothered to read them myself. i love reading while just chilling out & by chilling out i mean preferably while lying down. holding a book up with arms stretched out tires them causing me to become restless. & then because my arm is up, the air cond chills my elbows making them hurt. thus i have to roll over but reading sideways while wearing glasses is so blinding. now i'm uncomfortable, trying to enjoy a good book but can't that i have to put it down. then the mood is lost & i won't continue reading it ever again leaving it in the cupboard to dust.
so listening to a book is so much easier. i can do it while lying down in the dark to compliment the mood or in the toilet while taking a crap and washing my butt... audiobooks puts multi-tasking to a whole new level. and whats super awesome is that there will always be a bootleg copy of it in cyberspace. they now basically make audiobooks for every book imaginable. maybe for erotica too, for those of you who are interested in literary wanking material.

i'm beat. it's time for a few more chapters of Haunted to ease this gedik feeling.


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