taking down the fog

Friday, December 4, 2009 11:08 AM

diego alborghetti

take a listen to Brian Olive's There is Love.

my head is a bit messed up after last night. no i wasn't drinking despite wishing that i was. then at least there was an excuse to fold this up and forget about it. but i was sober and perhaps so were you. how to take back what was given now? should i or should you?
the fact that i feel so disconnected with everyone else makes me feel even shittier because the feeling of exploding is just waiting to happen. i wish there was a right time to talk about it but looking at how things are with the occupants in my life, there isn't any. this may sound pathetic but i miss every single one of my friends despite knowing that they are all there. but i guess slowly i am losing it. one person at a time.

you only realize the good things when it's going down the drain.


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