outside the lines

Thursday, January 21, 2010 7:41 PM

what i've been keeping busy with at restaurants since this week started.
if you happen to see a group of grown-up-20-something girls sitting quietly at a nice restaurant with color pencils & oil pastels strewn all over the table, please don't hesitate to join in the fun.

my lack of read-worthy entries seem to be put to a screeching halt ever since Chibs came home a week ago & kidnapped me upon arrival. i haven't really been properly at home since then. so many happened in a week. most of it actually involves movie-watching time on my bed/her couch, fatty foods around & of course long-winded conversations which leads to wide-eyed, high octaves, tired arm gestures & hysterical giggles.
i am too overwhelmed to write any more.


Nilam said...

omg these are lovely! x

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