it ended with a silent bang

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 11:41 AM

the stress of formally presenting is over. & i can't say for sure that i am fully satisfied but i hope i can still make it. i am keeping my eye on something which i really want. i was never much of a high achiever in school. being average was fine by me. but i suppose being in an environment which requires you to be above average makes you aim higher than your potential. i've been doing that for 2 years and i don't think i've worked harder for anything ever before. i exceeded my personal expectation when i decided to enter an art college & i've surprised myself with the realism of my potential. i now know what i probably want in life if not specifically where but i know that i am heading in the right direction. looking back, 2009 was the highlight of my entire existence. achieving so much & meeting the most awesome people.
here's for an equally if not much more awesome year ahead for me. the end of a chapter & the start of something new.

i got 6 weeks left. how scary.


Freaky Pinklady said...

Beb...i like ur blog...
I follow u

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