back up plan

Thursday, March 4, 2010 7:55 PM

music night in my own room instead of a drunken night with too-loud music & random strangers. it could be because i feel like age is catching up on me and because i got tired keeping the hype. i prefer big comfy t-shirts & underwear than designer knock-offs from Topshop. remember the time it was picture day every day? well if i can, i'll avoid cameras. smiling or striking a fake pose is tiring and it makes my cheek hurt and my eyes dry from not blinking too much. its crazy but come 1AM i start zoning out no matter where i am. commercial club hits sounds scratchy & the act of dancing to them seems mundane. knees buckling despite boots wearing nights. i've had my share of a sex, drugs and rock&roll life and i think its about time to hang dry and start looking at life through a different perspective. scarily enough, i find checking emails more exciting than Facebook too.


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