Monday, March 8, 2010 1:15 PM

my mom thinks i am pregnant with the level of spontaneous cravings i've been having recently. my constant cravings for Nutella on white bread finally ended after raping a bottle yesterday. so a couple of days ago, i suddenly had this urge to munch on marinated eggplants. mind you, eggplants to me is equivalent to me craving for kumquats. its irrelevant and super odd. well at least i think so. it's not like i've had any eggplants recently nor do i fuckin love them. so my need to have eggplants actually made me think that maybe i was pregnant with an extraterrestrial being who closely resembles Kyle from Kyle XY (i heard that he is indeed gay with a boyfriend. but hey, even aliens need to mate). so for the past couple of days i've been doing a tad bit of research on how to marinate eggplants. i found a few and maybe i'll just combine a few methods making it my own. so yes, yesterday after my bundle shopping escapade in Port Dickson (that deserves it's own entry), i went grocery shopping and bought myself some eggplants for me to go mad on today. YAY!


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