faulty perspective

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 1:16 PM

super awesome Simpson artwork done by fans. love the Clockwork Orange themed one!

things has been hectic around here with so many things happening at once. at least they are things i am so happy about. so i am listing down things i am thankful & very happy about since the rarity in today's society in being thankful for what they already have.

1. i watched Placebo LIVE! okay, so did thousands of other individuals who went but you see I was in LOVE with the band when humanity in Malaysia doubted of their existence in coming over to visit let along include in their tour. they were the band i've dreamed so often of wanting to see live before i die. especially after spine-tingling videos of them playing live emerged on youtube. so damn right was i fucking excited! i was fucking in love with Molko when i first saw Taste In Men; thus jump-starting my obsession with androgynous men.

2. i am talking to my best man friend again. well not as often as we used to but i guess that is fine because we can now laugh and talk silly again.

3. i am graduating in less than 7 days. as the day is approaching, i am getting more anxious when i wake up. filled with worry & excitement at the same time. reading back past entries about me starting and wanting to make this right, and oh my god it all comes down to next week. how fast has it been? it's scary.

slowly everything is unfolding. i cannot wait!!!!!!


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