Tuesday, March 30, 2010 9:53 PM

today is my dad's 55th birthday!


so as a gift, i decided to cook him dinner & bake him a cake; which i did. i made green velvet cake (yes, it's supposed to be RED velvet but Village Grocer ran out of red food coloring so i bought blue instead. the mix of cocoa & blue made it green) & cheese bolognese chicken. then he was suddenly like "what time will dinner be ready? because i want to go to Mid Valley to buy your camera." so i looked at my brother cause he yang beria-ria nak camera & innocently asked "oh so you're buying Farid his camera?" my dad then replied "no lah, i'm buying yours also"


i finally have a camera. Olympus Pen pulak tu. & i didn't even have to beg for it. tee hee!! my dad said it'll be useful for work since i'll be doing editorial and events and such. plus i will be covering a few things since my super cool colleague said it will be a 360 experience.

well mainly i am excited to use it for Sydney since i WILL be leaving TOMORROW! 18 days in Sydney with Chibs! uninterrupted fun & mischief!


so yeah this is Iris whom i actually caught by surprise since she's always hyper & i could never take a proper shot of her. (i used the pin hole art effect on the Pen. heeeee!!!!)

halfway packing outside my room. notable items are my infamous Kate Moss for Topshop dress which i actually bought for rm70, my rm10 Mets stadium jacket which i got from a bundle in PD & my Lion king sweater which i had since i was 7 all the way from LA!


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