the point of facebook

Thursday, March 18, 2010 1:15 AM

it's late & i don't wanna think about work right now so i figured i'll do this instead.
here's a list of reasons/excuses/use or what ever you may call it; of Facebook.

1. to stalk exes.
2. to stalk your significant other's exes.
3. to stalk people who stalk you.
4. to check out profile pictures of potentially good looking people to "add as friend"
5. to "add as friend" old classmates you didn't give a damn about it high school but they seem too cool to not give a damn about now.
6. to basically look at ex classmates photos & later on bitch about it to other ex classmates.
7. to add "cool" people as their friends to look cool in front of other cool people.
8. to collect as many people as friends as possible by approving EVERYONE who adds you & adding good looking friends of friends.
9. to post semi naked pictures of one self & then whine about disgusting perverts in the internet world.
10. to portray intellect by posting witty jokes, deep quotes, smart philosophies etc as their status in effort for people to comment or "like" them.
11. to show off to your "friends" that you are SO in love & happy in your current relationship that you chose to put "married to" instead of the basic "in a relationship" even though you've only been together for a week.
12. to put up a snide remark as a portrayal of anger as your status. sadly your anger must have played a sick game with your grammar and spelling because despite people replying with sympathy comments, there's always someone out there laughing at your mistake.
13. to put up a super cool picture you found on 4chan & spam-tagging half of your "friends list" in it just so everyone will interact to your picture.
14. to put up flattering images of yourself & pimping your info section with words which does not add up to your personality.
15. to put up a picture of inanimate objects (cars, football flags, etc) to portray that "yes, i love cars" and "my favorite team is manchester united!". you do this in hopes to attract people with similar interest.
16. to strike up a conversation with some one who has yet to "approve" your friend request with "hi. leh berkenalan?" or "badan awk hot. blh tanggal baju?" and having a sick illusion that they will reply you with "ye boleh. nak berwebcam?"
17. to write notes by asking your own question which you pretend to be asked by someone else and answering them just so you can be just semi-narcissistic and not FULLY narcissistic.
18. to play games which sets a downward spiral in the global economic productivity level with other people who does not give a crap about the global economy & how it effects their retirement fund.
19. to get invited to hip events that you think nobody else knows about so that you can start sending out invites just to look cool among your friends in your list about how you know about the party and they didn't.
20. to look hip among society in the 21st century. because be honest, if you knew someone without Facebook, you'll think they are complete losers.


hui said...

lol. spot on.

and yes i am randomly stalking your blogs for a bit and putting off work :)

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