ring me

Saturday, March 6, 2010 7:14 PM

maison martin margiela, paris

i am not much of a ring person most probably i have the habit of fiddling with them and ultimately i'll unconsciously remove them and leaving them some where or lose them completely. another reason could probably because i am not someone who would hang around a the jewelers just looking at over-priced rings which i might lose. i like simple weird designs of rings and scarily enough Diva sells eccentric rings which everybody wears which kinds of defeats the purpose no? well i guess their rings are cheap and funky looking but not something i would spend on either. i came across these few rings which i happen to actually LOVE. why? because they look simple enough in detail with a concept of using ordinary items of construction to create something luxurious. so if i do happen to come across rings such as these, i would consider fiddling with them and maybe pay £60 to £160 for them just because i might then consider taking better care of them.


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