like candy on my wrist

Friday, April 16, 2010 11:58 PM

it came in a not-so-little lime box which resembled a kryptonite. thank god i am not Superman & more like Lex Luther.

the box slides open like an expensive coffin of beauty of some-sort.

ta-da! coincidentally the time reads 9:11. any smart wanker knows the significance of that number. but doesn't it look super awesome??

i thought of splurging on something since a) i've graduated & b) i'm starting work come Monday. all my Swatch watch (all 7 of them) have died & i could not be bothered getting new batteries, i decided to buy myself the Timex 80. caught my eye almost instantly. i would say love at first sight but i actually saw a nice yellow G-shock first but it was waaaaaaay out of my budget.

flirted with the guy who was some-what teaching me how the watch functioned even though he himself was fumbling with it. mr-big-hands had big fingers... (HAHA! i just made a dirty joke!) so he had trouble with the tiny buttons.

i am a happy girl!!!! with a new watch!!!!

well that's one of my awesome purchase in the past 2 weeks. that and my super awesome pair of shoes, my skulls & chains bag & my yellow & black heart shaped dress from American Apparel. looking at the receipts is gonna cause me a headache but i guess i'll only look at them when i finally decide to clean out my wallet which would take approximately a month or so.

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