the avengers please

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 4:59 PM

having one of those rare days when i get a few hours to myself is a rare occasion as of recent times. with work & personal projects on the way, it's almost impossible being away from people. i avoided the weekend crowd queue for tickets. sorry but staying in line among the many rempit-looking people and obnoxious PDA couples grosses me out. especially in Mid Valley. of course i could splurge on a ticket from Signature GSC but even i can be a cheapskate from time to time. snuck in a brown bag of large fries from Mackers. suffocating neighboring patrons with jealousy. movies like Iron Man is something that cannot possibly suck really bad. so they are either entertaining or OMG-IT'S-THE-BEST-MOVIE-OF-THE-YEAR! i found it entertaining & almost awesome. a bit exaggerated but then again with the competitive nature of comic-turned-Hollywood blockbuster movies nowadays, why sound so surprised?
i laughed appropriately & maybe at smarter jokes i find nobody with the typical-Malay/typical Chinese background would find funny (those were typically in the same cinema hall with me). inside jokes are waiting to happen. i'm not going to summarize what happened and elaborate into what i loved/hated in the movie because you have IMDB comments for that.

okay, if you have not seen the movie or planning to see it again, i suggest you stay till the very end until the credits start rolling. If nobody taught you any better, surprise clips at the very end is a big thing in Hollywood now. this included in X3: The Last Stand with the scene when Professor Xavier transfered his consciousness into another person; or in The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton) with Tony Stark (Iron Man) visited Bruce Banner at a bar to ask him to work for Stark Industries... important details for future movies which will be awesome. so i suggest you be very patient and tell your friends to fuck off if they try dragging you out of the cinema hastily. because if you are a fan, i'll say the Avengers team is looking pretty sweet & expect a movie anytime soon ;)


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