city girl part 1

Thursday, May 27, 2010 12:26 AM

i take the train to my new workplace now. i take the train in pretty clothes & lugging around my Alexander Wang-inspired bag filled with magazine clippings, Dazed & Confused + i.D magazines, laptop, headphones, Moleskin & a ton of other work related matter. i walk and i drop by to buy coffee at 9AM. a supersized cup of Cafe Latte with a double shot of expresso and no sugar. and then i walk some more among uniformed ladies rushing to departmental stores & restaurant to start work. ladies in hair-buns, opaque stockings, one-and-a-half inch heels and 2 shades lighter foundation. i walk silently, keeping my iPod safe at home amongst my make-up & old hair products. i walk and pant all the way up to my office on the 13th floor. so i set my MacBook Pro on the table and begin planning out my day. i shudder at the thought of the over-piling events & projects i am heading. i start to pale at the thought of time-constrains. i breathe heavily but no longer craving for a cigarette. something i have slowly learnt to avoid since i started working here. i realized that this will now be my life; the late night in the office, the lack of deep sleep, the depleted craving for food & day-dreaming of what-ifs. i am here now. a place some people can only dream of being. despite the less glamourous location i am the reality of Running In Heels. except i don't wear heels. something i should start practicing from now on in case i happen to have to wear one and start walking like a duck. they made me Feature Editor. now what?


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