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Friday, May 7, 2010 11:30 PM

varvara frol

a few nights ago i had one of the most disturbing dream yet. i'd say most disturbing that i could remember because it is only recently i've started remembering my dreams in detail. something that takes lots of practice doing. this involves lots of patience and actually writing down what i remember. thus why sometimes i can be found blogging at 8AM regarding random thoughts and sudden inspirations.
this dream was a mix between the present time & the past. the past more on architecture of the location. i remembered the place was built with brown bricks. kinda like an old convent; Notre Dame-esque. feels like England but the people in my dream were typical Malaysian "lepaking" around the courtyard. then suddenly this plump lady carrying a baby stood on the balcony & jumped. i saw how she let go of her baby who was leaning on her broad shoulders. and i saw the baby fall first. i didn't see the gory mess but i saw A LOT of blood splattered on this couple near where the lady and baby fell. and then i heard the piercing screams of everyone in that area. and then i woke up to the sound of my dog howling.
despite having the guts to watch grotesque movies involving severed limbs and gallons of corn syrup and red dye, i could never bring myself actually witnessing something so tragic and gory. i quiver whenever i pass by random items on the road in fear they might be road kill. or sometimes first hand encounters of freak accidents along the road just moments after they happen. the blood, twisted metal, broken glass & plastic. what's worst seeing a black bag over an unrecognizable lump on the road, pooling with blood.
what scary is that i tend to get a lot of recurring dreams. always the same place, always the same situation. brrrrr, i'm actually freaking out.

okay time for Supernatural (yeah, i'm asking for it but i ended season 3 of Gilmore Girls & i'm giving it a few hours to let it all sink in).


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