i will die alone with Chibs

Monday, May 3, 2010 12:46 AM

during the weekend i decided to follow the herd of self-proclaimed fashionistas & spoiled tweens by combating feisty shoppers at the Topshop mid-season sale. i had the purchasing power since the parents were in such giving mood so why not. i browsed & actually used up the maximum number of clothing allowed to be tried inside the changing room. i figured i will not find anything amusing on their discount rack & droned straight to the new arrivals to pick out clothes which a) i will wear over and over again, b) clothes i will only wear a few times, c) clothes which i know will look horrendous on me but being in denial regarding my body shape due to my current eating situation made me a tad bit happy & d) clothes which i have tried more than 1 occasion before.
waiting in line for the changing room took forever; allowing me to make a mental note to actually like & can possibly fit into most of the clothes which should make me look good in order to make my long wait worthwhile.
there i was in the last room which was the smallest changing room by the way & hastily gotten undressed. now here's the worst scare ever so pay attention: i picked up the Jaime pair of super skinnies from the petite section because i'm accepting the fact that i am not the tallest tree of the bunch & skinnies at 29 inches long grazes my ankles hot-ly. so i tugged the jeans to fit my right leg and realizing that it's a bit too tight. mind you, i have tried this pair of jeans 4 times not counting this one so yes, i'm pro with the fitting and what not. and then after managing to put my two legs into them, i tugged them to reach up my thighs with no avail. NO AVAIL! i tried until i was perspiring because my forehead felt eerily cold with the combination of air condition and sweat. and i stared at myself in the mirror with my ass sticking out almost touching the curtains i panicked. i swear i went pale & muttered profanities under my breath. thats when i had a reflective moment & realized my weight gain was a serious matter. i was going to die alone and possibly at a young age. now all the other 5 clothes i picked out didn't seem appealing to me anymore. i shuddered at the thought going out the dressing room with untouched clothes; leaving them with the sale assistants waiting outside.
why breathing heavily, i gave up and removed the skinnies & was about to dial someone's number to bitch and moan when i saw....

the Jaime i picked out was 2 sizes too small for me! i picked the wrong size!! i literally went "thank god!" loud enough for the next cubicle to hear & chuckled.

the morale of the story is, i should properly check the labels of the clothes i pick out & the fact that straight away believing that i could not fit into said jeans means i do consider myself a tad bit on the chubby side which means i should do something about it. which is why i will torture myself with another detox program to restart my eating habits. my stomach is protruding further than my boobs is a sure sign that i could possibly die alone or be mistaken as a super hip young single mom. but still i could possibly die alone with a room full of cats & dogs.

but Chibs said she'll die alone with me. so i guess it won't be THAT lonely afterall.


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