sunday best

Sunday, May 16, 2010 9:31 PM

that is not my MacBook Pro screen which i broke to make it look like an iPad.

so my cousin is one of those techie people who would buy anything new that is out in the market. if he were living in the US, he'll be the first few queueing up at the Mac center. he was one of the few who managed to snag the iPad when it was first introduced.

that's him in the background by the way. sneakily making sure i do not accidentally drop his new baby. so now i can finally say that i have touched and played with the iPad. HAH!

and then later on in the day Uncle Joe came to me and was like "i got something for you, girl...". excited, i followed him to this huge bag filled with things and he pulled out this navy blue case. i unzipped the bag to find something SO unexpected that i laughed. Abang Faris was there and he then pulled this out:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Uncle Joe bought me a pair of KILLER SWORDS!! he said "oh that day you were talking about it so i got you one to kill (insert Uncle Joe's favorite citizens)" i told him he's been watching too much Kick-Ass. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! and then Karl saw it and was like "Nadia, are you going to practice how to use it?" yeah sure & i must remember to make a leather outfit to match it with.


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