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Sunday, July 4, 2010 9:02 PM

yes i was a part of the shit you idolized now.
and no i don't know where the fuck he is.
yes it is true, i am single & i attract gay men because of my work.
i am not jealous because my boobs are bigger.
staring at you most of the time does not mean i feel threatened by you as it could be because hello, you're hot.
no i would not want to dance with you to electro because that is only reserved for my friends.
having loads of friends who are quite popular does not make me any more popular.
yes i know them & no, i have not hooked up with them whatsoever.
and yes, i do know her but only in first-name basis & "omg, hi! *kiss kiss"-kind of way.
i am not spoilt because i don't ask for unreasonable things i know i myself cannot afford; i get those things anyway because i am lucky enough to have people to give me things.
and i know you bitch about my friends to your friends who are also my friends.
i do not like asking for favors just because i know the right people. so don't ask!
i am currently reading about the severity of my anxiety disorder which thank god is not too severe.
i am suffering from it now & i think will constantly will if i am ever going to succeed in life.
my current biggest fear is screwing up in my career that it will end with me getting fired.
i am happy to say i am slowly finding my way back to God. but don't expect anything creepy or extreme from me.
i am always wondering if i really do deserve everything that has been happening to me lately.
so maybe i am attracted to Chinese or Eurasian boys.
i wish i was attracted to girls but i'm not.
& no, i will keep my hair growing. you'll see.


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