true story

Monday, July 26, 2010 10:51 AM

once upon a time before Facebook, we all connected via MySpace. a cute Italian-American boy from the Orange County added me on MySpace. little did i know that he "found" me via a birthday search because true enough we shared the same birthdate. maybe it is his way of picking girls up or something but the "coincidence" was cool enough to keep me intrigued by this dark character. so we Skyped on a daily basis and even falling asleep with the webcam on.
he was applying to work for the US Army in Texas as a translator not much for actually fighting at war. he owned a glock which he showed me (by glock i meant gun and by gun i meant an actual gun and not his penis). as stupid as this may sound but after 2 weeks i felt like i was in love. now i cannot even remember how i felt like because the humiliation was too great. yes, i was an internet dork who fell in love with a stranger from MySpace.
how it all came to an end?
well we had an argument about how the distance was too great for us. and by then my plans of heading to Oklahoma was put to rest. so there was no way in hell any one of us was going to get laid with each other. he would not have a problem since seriously he was VERY good looking. probably he was a serial killer or a cat killer. who knows. but it was very flattering. at least i knew how he actually looked like with and without a shirt on on LIVE feed. plus i've heard his voice.
seriously this is the most messed up loser story i can think of in case someone were to think i cannot be more of a loser.

true story.


Nicola said...

dork ! no wonder you wanted to go to the States to study!..... didnt know its because of a boy! hahaha. MISS YOU!

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