Wednesday, August 4, 2010 9:53 PM

Things i want to achieve before i reach 30:

1. i want to be really good at something that will make people go "OMG you are so awesome at *insert talent*!"

2. i want to finish writing a fiction/non-fiction. when i say finish writing, i don't really expect it to be published or anything.

3. i want to earn at least $150,000 annually. at least.

4. working it at my dream job.

5. have travelled to cities written in songs.

6. i want people to remember my name. dude seriously? yes seriously. what is the point of living when people don't even know your name?

7. to have owned something which i've earned through my blood, tears & sweat. it could be a home or my very own business.

8. to have super long, healthy & sexy hair that would make hippies cry with jealousy.

9. gone to a concert so good that it made me cry.

10. have the guts & money to tell people that "Guys, i'm moving to New York City on my own!"


1412 said...

3. i want to earn at least $150,000 annually. at least.

In USD or RM? =P

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