meaningless conversation vs. faux opinions

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 2:34 PM

why are you wearing a dress?
to look more ladylike. plus so that i don't look like a my-best-friend-is-a-dyke next to you.
but that is a good thing.
good thing that i will look like a dyke next to you?
*insert an indescribable facial expression here*
so at least i don't have to defend myself when other guys would want to shag you.
i think you are one of those psychotic edward cullen type of men.
that is a bad thing how? everyone wants to be an Edward Cullen
i am not going to have this fight over somebody who fucking GLITTERS. i pity whoever that actually dates you.
aren't we dating?
i guess not.
how come?
you just HAD to include Edward Cullen into this didn't you?

this is stupid. YOU are stupid. tee hee!

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