1127 Hours

Monday, February 13, 2006 11:25 AM

mind you it's not night time yet again. it's the consistancy of writing in thenightcat rather than my other non active blogs that makes me turn to this one just to write daily thoughts. perhaps i would have to tukar the discription of the blog later. but right now feeling kinda malas. so bare with me while i post morning postings in a night blog.

time just seems to be zooming by lately which draws reality closer and closer. nothing is as simple as this. with the thoughts of results, college and perhaps the surgery i would just have to face the music soon. last friday was a hectic one. here's why...

I left home at 9. my mom took a so-called day off to take me to the clinic for the check up after i felt something was wrong at 1 AM that day. i must admit i took it a little too lightly. i was talking SO much that my brain kept telling me to shut the hell up before the nurse would give me drugs to refrain me. hahaha... so took my blood test (finally!) and went for the scan. little did i know i needed surgery to remove the growth. bummmer! the other mafan-ish thing was that the nurse gave me this pill. mind you it's tiny lethal yellow pill that made me piss 5 times in less than 2 hours! felt like shit at home.

with cold sweats, i began to pack for my sleepover at the zayn's. then my dad said i should go to the other clinic for a second opinion or a recheck up. told stef i'll be late for movie. when i told her i was at the clinic for 'something', she made a joke about breast cancer. i can't help but feeling like i was about to cry. but didn't mention anything yet.

blah blah blah. i needed to go to a specialist at Pantai for this. i'm shit scared and at times can't stop thinking bout it. i had never gone under the knife before. never thought it would be for this. i felt bad when the first thing i thought was whether i would have to remove my tongue ring for the surgery and was imagining my mom finally bought me a black ipod video. HAHAHAHAHAHA.... so much for worrying!

anyway, i'll try to keep this posted. fingers crossed xx


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