1251 Hours

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 12:49 PM

hay ho! oh happy days! it's kinda freaky when a catfight happens. but swear it didn't. well, i pissed off a group of girls today simply for potraying a really typical malaysian act of lepak-ing. hahahaha... yes. stupid school girls lepaking in front of my house by the freaking drain. sitting with ugly boys. shouting for no apparent reason and watching suicidal kids with dumbass motocycle stunts which by the way would NEVER compare with what you watch on those hollywood movies. rather pathetic actually for a way to die. oh evil me! now it's combat time just in case this oooo's decide to throw a revenged baby tantrum towards me. I gotta be prepared! raaah! watching love actually now. superly hilariously british kinda funny! hmmm... perhaps i should live in britain for a bit. get on with my english side. a plan maybe... anyway this shall be continued later... gotta watch veronica mars!!!


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