1408 Hours

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 1:59 PM

a small place that keeps us apart
a tiny hollow entity
filled with air
to keep us afloat
while you breathe in air
i suffocate in poison
that hurts my heart
as well as my soul
the grip of your hand
leaves markings on my wrist
i tried
i pried your fingers
till mine bleed
where do you stand?
if not beside me
where are you?
if not protecting me
where can you be?
i wrote a million
poems just for you
a million and one still
would never be enough
to bring you back
from being you
i wait
for your soul
to drift away
away from my space
away from your own
to that i can have you
once again
in whole
as a person
i once loved.


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