2048 Hours

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 8:48 PM

I spent almost the whole day in the comfort of my own bedroom. With the laptop by my bed and awesome tunes on my playlist I couldn't ask for more. Well perhaps for a great company. At least some one I could talk to. Me being sore made my movements limited. I miss playing with my cats... sad but true. So i had to stay in and try to get some rest. My laptop is doing over time as I'm typing. So here's a list of the stuff I managed to do:

1. I downloaded about 50 songs from artists that I had never heard from.
2. I finally saw how my stitches looked like
3. I tried eating a rose petal
4. I ate half of a large pizza (no joke!)
5. I laughed while watching FRIENDS even though my tummy hurts really bad.
6. I still couldn't swollow any pills
7. I tried dancing while listening to Madonna.
8. I slept in a very uncomfortable position

well that's all... quite literally...



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