2111 hours

Tuesday, February 7, 2006 8:55 PM

aren't we suppose to be living together in this world peacefully? isn't that what years of unwanted wars and bloodshed has brought us to the goal of finally living happily ever after? so why are the violence starting again? does more blood means more power?
what are these people trying to prove? that most of us are too weak and defenceless to protect our soul and so we deserve to be stepped on again and again just because we are brown and not white, poor and not rich, more cultural and not wild and also believe in god and not just a preaching evil-doer??? since when were the good people are now targets evil??? i dare say a long time ago.
the persisting cries of help have been ringing in many people's ears. throughout the world we see people pleading for help in order to achive the help needed. they wash away their pride just to be saved. just to be heard. but when a tingling news or a rumour of a nuclear lab in the middle of a desert reaches out to the right people, billions of dollars are spent in search of the so-called myth. Now why isn't the money used to kill be used to save those are alive? why use every resource to fight a prevention? with everyone helping each other out, we wouldn't have this stupid fucked up wars Bush seems to plan. Nor will we get people discriminating each others race and religion in order to prove their faith is the best.

Is this what are future generation will become? A generation filled with prejudice and hate against the different kind. Destroying everything our great heros built and died for... Now think. and do something about this. because if the adults won't do it, it's our responsibility to do so. otherwise we would live in a world filled with terror and just might end up dead fighting for a stupid cause. So fight human ignorance!


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