2217 hours

Saturday, February 4, 2006 10:19 PM

It's the stagnant feeling I hate
it lingers too often these days
creeping up through the hard moment
a moment i need to fly by
i hear the persistant wails
of my sorrow heart
i cannot defeat
the voices is just too loud
yet to high to grasp
this i cannot take any longer
i am no eager person
who is looking forward
for another drawing end
my patience is seeping through
all that time
i've wasted telling selfish tales
about my wasted thoughts
i think only a few things
are left
that's keeping me alive
that makes me smile
in the morning
or when the wind
dances through my silky hair
i waited
does fairy tales come true?
the pieces are set
for the next move
toward finding out
if I could finally defeat the great one
only him and I
alone again
with no sins to ponder
with no sense of jealousy
i pray
for it to end...


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