1010 Hours

Friday, March 10, 2006 10:08 AM

were we ever created to be so evil? did god make us humans much more superior to the rest of His beings? who are we to destroy and make everything ours? do the rest of the creatures deserve the right to suffer just to satisfy our population of humans? if everything can talk, can feel and has a voice to speak out, we humans would be in deep shit! late nights when i can't sleep, I sit in front of the tv and flick flick flick until i see something that catches my eye. well a few nights ago i did. and my discovery made me dumbfounded and i shed a few tears watching. i never was fond of the countries north of asia. it has nothing to do with racism or prejudice. it's the way this uneducated beings hurt one other just to satisfy their desire for that moment. i am not stereotyping them by what a few people did. but somehow it's hard not to especially after hearing many things about it. that night i watched in horror how some people could slay dogs and actually eat them. i watched a dead dog getting it's skin removed and it's tail sliced off for it's meat. it's eyes were open and obviously covered in blood. and then i saw people savouring a meal with the most of the dishes consisted of dog meat cooked in various ways.... what the fuck is going on here?
can you imagine eating your own pet?
imagine eating dog meat while you actually own a dog at home?
what is the pride in that?

what is with the slaying? aren't there enough to eat on this planet for people to do such things?
i have pride to not eat any eotic animals whatsoever. not even sharks fin soup... how many sharks would have to die just to get it's fin? who eats this type of food?? you tell me...

my stand in this is strong. i feel that it is only fair if humans were treated the same... those who were cruel to animals would then suffer the same way. an eye for an eye....

a humanskin handbag with a matching wallet
human meat cooked in different ways
human bones made into jewelry
human fat to replace grease
body parts chopped up for different purposes...

imagine that... the hunter being hunted...

fight ignorance!


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