1442 Hours

Thursday, March 9, 2006 2:41 PM

FINALLY!!!!! finally i tell ya!!! finally watched tristan & isolde in the morning after months of waiting... hehe. never thought it came out but it did! yay! i loved it!!!!!!! but it would had been fun if i watched it with someone instaed of myself just like that day watching final destination 3. james is so so FINE!!! even the guy who played melot is HOT! HAHAHAHAHA... although i couldn't shriek or yell in the cinema you could tell i was pleased!!! yes i was!

another awesome news... i called the fucked up boys' school and the assistant said i could call the cops when i see students "lepaking" near the train station. yes!!!!!!!! :)

i am tres tres pleased!!!!

hmmmm another well off day....


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