1144 Hours

Friday, March 3, 2006 11:42 AM

I'm currently listening to The Donnas. i guess after all the searching, all the experiments and all the let's-try-new-things scenerio, I've found my type of music. I short-listed a few genres which have things in common : - alternative/rock/indie.... that's it.

lately since i'm tres tres bored and a typico sadistic, i've been aimlessly downloading random stuff on limewire. 75% i like and the rest are pure crap that will prolly remain in my hardrive till the day i bother deleting and sorting them out.

so the list of my favs from the newly downloaded ones are:
the veronicas
KT tunstall
hawthorne heights
matchbook romance
beth orton
pete murray
aly & aj
arctic monkeys

.... that's about it....

anyway, my online-ing times are like crap. i hardly see or talk to people i normally chat with due to the lack of another computer for me to use. i can say that my days of addiction is over. people are busy with college. while i'm.... i'm busy keeping my cats company.

college... well i rather not talk about it.

my treasure has been hurting lately. to be exact right this second. i dunno why i'm writing this out but i guess it's rather bothering me. hmmmm... *ouchies*

a few days ago i listened to hilary duff (yes i did!). first i smirked and taunted her. then i started feeling better. why? well because i'm missing the old days... the days all of us would diss her and hate her but yet we still listen to her songs. our so called hatred brought my friends together and we ended up actually singing along to her songs whether we complain how annoying hilary is or whetever. no matter we're in denial, we still would sing along. hmmmm... especially amy. hahahahaahahahhaa... mel would not approve of this. i can tell ;)

other issues... i dunno why but i dont feel desperate anymore. i guess i'll just wait... wait.... wait... i dunno why, i lied to someone that day. i dunno what made me do it. i guess it's the signs that he was showing... and it freaked me out simply because he probably liked me in that way. but i don't feel any commitment coming on. so too bad for him. i guess he would just have to live with it. i could tell he was never my type anyway... a little too ooooo for my taste even though he's been brought up in hamburger-a-gogo land. *shrugs*

did i mention i'm picking up french and spanish?? well i am... so far progress is : NOT WELL...
i think i'm giving up already... HAAHAHAHAHHAA.. typical of me!!


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