1621 Hours

Friday, March 3, 2006 4:19 PM

i was outside cleaning the cat's cage and saw the heat evaporating from the road. THAT is how hot it is... still is unfortunately. looks cloudy but it's hot as hell (well actually i dunno how hell feels like since i haven't been there.) anyway i'll just talk about the weather and what it's doing to us all... to me to be more precise.

i sweat after coming out of the shower. i sweat before i manage to change my clothes. sometimes i sweat while i'm washing my hair.

the weather lately has made me moody and pissed off 65% of the time

i hate the heat.

which is why i crave for a swimming pool most of the time

sometimes i see mirages..

panas babi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plus the laptop is heating up faster than usual.

the weather kills the fun things...

i hate it...

*sizzle sizzle*


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