1227 Hours

Sunday, March 5, 2006 12:25 PM

skipped an entry yesterday. was busy busy busy. suffered from a momentary form of insane relapse as i was a) dancing in Zara, b) bobbing my head uncontrollably in front of GSC, c) i skipped while singing loudly in midvalley at 11 pm. oooh did i mention i did sang "i believe i can fly" in the elevator just like what Dick Harper did in the movie?????

anyway i calmed down before i lost my dignity that night. tra la la la la la la la la ..

hmmmmm.. and there were loads of trunk hugger people yesterday and it made me laugh. A LOT! hahahahaha... some of the men wore tighter pants than their partners aka mak we's! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA... hilariouso!

no chaud people spotted. except if i looked in front of the mirror... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

i bought more tops for college. and a preppy looking cardigan. very preppy indeed. ;)

more on the weather.... it's still HOT!

finally, we let the cats to roam free. they are now running about and not caged up although i do worry that they cannot "jaga diri" especially when they "camp" under my dad's mpv. pancakes anyone????

i need to tone it down now.

auf wiedersehen pretties!


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