on britney spears and m&s chocolate biscuits

Saturday, January 5, 2008 1:30 AM

being someone who is almost at the brink of an OCD, i am an avid reader of Yahoo!'s headlines.
so inside secretly i was laughing. (okay also on the outside).
so anyway the headlines read
Britney Loses Control

apparently she got SO pissed drunk that they had to to take her to the hospital by ambulance.
good god!
okay and why is this relevant, well...
you see i am predicting the downfall of Britney.
not that it has not happened but i am predicting when she's just gonna end her life.
all the signs are pointing to it.
so tick tock tick tock.
oh and we ALL read about what happened to her sister.

have i mentioned this to anyone before?
back in primary school i used to be in CHEERLEADING!
omg yes ME. in freaking CHEERLEADING!!
yes if it was all hard to believe once upon a time i was quite the active dancer.
and then i grew and became a dork.
in high school i had a stick up my ass.
and now.... hmmm...

on one of our life escapades, Kak Sheri and i had this conversation about me in high school

KS : i used to be worried about how you would turn out to be. thought i had to control and censor every word that came out of my mouth in case i'll scare you. but ohmygod, now... oh my god now i can just say anything and you'll burst out laughing.

oh so anyway, about cheerleading, i once danced to the exact moves in Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time. and i was SUPER proud to do it pulak tu.
i swear that song brings back GOOD memories about my childhood.
like i can still remember this REALLY well...
i used to listen to HMBOMT when i was 10 i think. but didn't know who sang it...
so one day while we were kids, we were hanging out at Juliana's pool with Dira as well and the song came on.
i actually got out of the pool, put the radio closer to the windowsill and began dancing to it by the pool.
omg those were the days man.
the days we would swim for hours till we are all wrinkly. and the eat Banana Fritters with BUTTER. whoa, FAT SHIT RIGHT THERE!

see that was britney THEN.
now i'm just taking bets on when she's gonna DO IT.

since i sorta celebrate christmas without the whole Lord praising thing, my family gets hampers.
so we got a Marks and Spencer hamper from dunno who (to whoever who gave them to me, i thankyouthankyouthankyou!)
inside were all the chocolate coated goodies which will go to my fat ass and not my boobs (unfortunately).
talking about MY boobs, that they my family and i were at pavillion and i dropped by La Senza.
simply tried on bras. and realized i could no longer fit a freaking C-cup. so i tried the biggest size they got and can fit.
told my mommy this, and she bought me 4 new bras!
then later on the escalator with my dad...

"so did you get what you wanted?"
"yeah, i got 4 new bras. apparently i grew a cup"
"ha??? still growing ar?"
"hmmm yeah... blame it on your side."


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